This Is College is looking for the next up and coming twitch streamers!

Posted by Luke on Jul 28, 2020 5:07:40 PM

It's been a crazy quarantine for This Is College. It started with losing our precious Mezzo Thursday nights (the comeback is going to be nuts!), to launching a new website, dropping new merch, and letting a couple degenerates write on the blog. But, that's only the start.

Now, when I heard that the boys were looking to start taking over twitch, I knew just the person to help lead the charge. Mike Pastore (@bisc2x on Instagram and @bisssc on Twitch) is now taking the lead and looking to create a team of up and coming Twitch streamers to take over the next generation of gaming with @Thisiscollegelive on Twitch. When I asked what streaming was like for @Bisssc, he said, “I like to consider myself a half sweat / half vibe gamer. You can come on my stream and watch me drop a 20 bomb, or see me cracking jokes with other ranked competitors”.





@Bisssc is 21 years old and a former URI student and brother of Sigma Pi. He’s been streaming for a couple years on multiple platforms, but finally thinks he found his calling on Twitch playing games like Fortnite, Warzone, and Call Of Duty. Let me be the first to tell you his clips are fucking insane, I'll drop a link to his YouTube videos at the end. I'm fucking hyped to see what he can with the This Is College twitch.

So, there it is… if you think you got what it takes, send your submission to @Bisc2x on Instagram for a chance to be featured on This Is College and an opportunity to join the team. Huge things coming including guest appearances, competitive ranked gameplay, and much much more. Twitch is now This is Twitch. Follow

@ThisIsCollegeLive on twitch.

I can promise… it's must watch shit.

here's @bisssc doing bisc things…



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