Rush Week Do's and Don'ts

Posted by Luke Betkowski on Jun 3, 2020 9:37:57 PM
Luke Betkowski

What do I do with my hands?

With spring rush being canceled at most schools due to the coronavirus. I thought a little do’s

and Don’ts for a fraternity rush week would help a lot of guys who are rushing this fall. Joining a

fraternity is a huge commitment and is a huge steppingstone on how your college experience is

going to be. I hope this list will help you find success in your rush!!



  • Ask questions!! Most rushes just sit on a couch during rush nervous to talk to active

brothers, if you ask questions odds are you'll be one of the few to do so, making you

stand out and giving you a better opportunity to get a bid.

  • Introduce yourself to everyone!! A simple dap up and telling someone your name can go

along way. Especially in a room full of guys where half of them are nervous rushes and

the other half is older guys who are just there because they don't want to get fined.

  • Go to as many rush events as possible!! There's been so many times that a guy only

comes to a couple events and doesn't end up with a bid, because no one knows who the

fuck is he is and what he stands for. Most fraternity rush for quality and it's less of a risk

taking less guys than taking as many as possible and having drops.


  • Don't just rush the most popular fraternity!! Honestly fraternity popularity changes every

single year at most schools. So the fraternity that is most popular your freshman year…

A, might not even be there your upperclassmen years or B, might have a couple bad

rushes and now are in the bottom of the barrel for fraternity life.

  • Don't join a fraternity you don't know that much about!! Learn as much as possible about

the fraternity. Their philanthropy, how much dues are, and how connected that local

chapter is to nationals will have a huge impact on your college experience. Listen we all

love to party, but without a good knowledge of those things… you might not even be

able to party.

  • Don't just rush because your friends are!! Fraternities aren't for everyone, that's ok. Just

because your friends join one doesn't make you obligated to join. That honestly can

cause way more drama for you and your friends during pledging and it isn't worth it at


I hope these will help y'all in the fall. Joining a fraternity has been the greatest experience of my

life, and honestly if I could go back to when I was getting rushed I wish I knew these things.

Have fucking fun with it. A wise man once told me rushing and pledging is the funnest time you

never want to have again. Make the most of it and good luck!!