Luke Betkowski

Luke Betkowski
What the fuck am I going to write about? When I was first given this opportunity to write for This Is College, a million ideas came swarming into my head about all my experiences in college and greek life that I could write about. The nights that turned into mornings, the friends that I'll have for a lifetime, and the stories that are so unbelievable that sometimes I have to ask myself, “did that just happen??”. I'm telling you in four years going from a small town kid, to going to a 10,000 person school in a city. I've seen it all. So where to begin… My name is Luke, I’m going into my senior year at my school in Rhode Island. I'm in a fraternity full of some of the craziest sickos I ever met. When I came to college, I thought fraternities were just a bunch of Brads and Chads (some are), that was until I met @thisisarnie_. Walking into a house freshman year that looked like it should have been torn down or even better burned down as a 18 year old freshman was probably the most important event that happened to me in all of my college years. Little did I know, that the dump of a house would become my happy place over the next couple years as I went on to join the fraternity that called “the mansion” home. Oh the memories that house has given me. The seemingly annual Halloween weekend 100+ person street brawl, the Saint Patrick weekend blackouts at two in the afternoon, and the sketchy walks back home to order pizza at a place that stayed open till 4 am (heaven… I know). It made me think as I'm locked up in quarantine because of the Corona Virus. I need to tell these stories. So that's what the fuck I'm going to write about. The ups and Downs of fraternity life, the trips with my brothers to the casino 10 minutes away from my school to put in our last minute parlays, and overall any story I've experienced or heard about over the years. I can't wait to get on this platform and be able to just write about anything I feel like an average college guy wants to hear about, so fuck it… let's do this! Shoutout @thisiscollege… signing off for now, -Luke

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